Openroads legal information and regulations for the participant.

General rules and conditions

On registration for an Openroads event you automatically agree to the following rules and regulations and will try to follow them as best as you can.

The participating vehicle and the driver of this vehicle need to fulfil all legal demands for the countries in which the event takes place. The most important ones being:

  • The vehicle needs to be registered and taxed.
  • The vehicle needs to be properly insured.
  • The vehicle needs to be in a good mechanical condition and must pass regular technical inspections for road use.
  • All drivers must have a valid drivers license.
  • Road assistance is not mandatory, but is always a good idea.

Openroads has the right to refuse your participation in an event if it sees that you do not fulfil these requirements. This decision is always final and does not mean that you have the right to a reimbursement as these rules are known at the time of registration.

Participants and passengers will follow instructions given by Openroads or other lawful instances during the event. Failure to do so could bring others in danger, which is a reason for Openroads to exclude you from further participation. The driver always has the end responsibility, thus in the case of tickets, infractions or in case of an accident, Openroads can never be held responsible.

Openroads withholds the right to change the planning or program of the rally, even without notice, if circumstances demand this. A good reason to do so would be unexpected road works, extreme weather, or other unusual reasons that could hinder the event or cause dangerous situations.

The road book is a guide to use to reach the finish line of the rally. Openroads puts in a lot of effort to create road book as good as possible, but it is not infallible. The road book never supersedes any traffic rules and should thus be interpreted with respect to local traffic laws.

On temporary or permant cancellation of the event due to forces beyond the power of Openroads (extreme weather, war, ...), Openroads can not be held accountable. Participants can not demand reimbursement.

Openroads withholds the right to use and publish video or pictures taken at events and use these for commercial purposes. Written requests to deviate from this will be evaluated if the request reaches us before video is published. Pictures can always be removed from the website if requested.

The participant is always responsible for his vehicle and the use of it in compliance with local traffic laws.

The rallies organised by Openroads are touristic road tours. There is no form of competition involved. Therefore Openroads will never hand out obligatory guidelines towards speed or time usage during an event.
Openroads events are usually navigated with easy to read symbols, but this could differ for specific events.

Upon registration for an event, the participant waivers all legal liabilities towards Openroads. The participant agrees to this upon registration.

These routes have been meticulously prepared by Openroads and remain property of Openroads. It is forbidden to share these routes.